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Utility bills audit
Utility Bills Audit

Understanding Your Utility Bills

How many of you just write a check to pay your utility bills every month without actually looking at what the bill says? It’s tempting because they can be so confusing to look at! THE NATURAL GAS CO., will review your utility bills (Gas, Electric, Telecom and Water/Sewer) for errors, overcharges and better tariffs, telecom bills are reviewed based on existing agreements and 3rd party billing (there has not been an audit of telecom bills where mistakes were not found). 

Supply vs. Delivery

With both natural gas and electricity, you get charged for two separate things:
 supply and delivery. The supply charges are for the actual energy itself (such as 1 kWh of electricity, or 1 therm of natural gas). The delivery charges are fees that the utility charges you for using their infrastructure (transmission lines/gas piping) to transport the energy from the source (gas well/power plant) to your business or residence. This is kind of similar to the toll charge you might pay for using a highway.

The Natural Gas Co. Utility Bills Audit - Overview of Services
Take an Active Energy Management approach to efficiently manage energy usage, optimize utility rate structures, and realize sustained reductions of energy costs.
Energy costs are frequently cited as one of the top three operating expenses, and can be as much as 4-5 percent of cost of goods sold for manufacturers. But, volatile energy markets, limited visibility to component level costs, and increased pressure to improve sustainability metrics are driving companies to reevaluate their approach to managing energy costs.
But, even with a renewed focus on energy costs, the majority of energy spend is still largely unmanaged. Why? Approximately two thirds of energy markets are regulated, and many companies presume that these energy costs are simply not addressable. But in fact, there is an opportunity to negotiate these rates. For those companies that do manage their energy spend in both regulated and deregulated markets, they still leave money on the table. Energy market dynamics are constantly changing. Without the right benchmarks, rate comparisons, and supplier knowledge, procurement decisions are often sub-optimized.
Many companies have also launched efficiency initiatives to reduce energy consumption. But, traditional approaches such as energy audits fall short, delivering savings that quickly dissipate. A holistic approach that integrates supply and demand management improves overall results. That's where The Natural Gas Co. Energy® can help. We bring together deep energy expertise, market intelligence, and technology to deliver superior financial performance through proactive energy demand and supply management.
The Natural Gas Co.'s Active Energy Management Solution
The Natural Gas Co. Energy offers an end-to-end energy solution through a full suite of integrated energy services:
The Natural Gas Co. offers supply-side services that help clients cut utility costs and achieve ongoing savings in both regulated and deregulated markets.
·   Energy Procurement and Risk Management – Maximize your savings and create risk management strategies to protect against volatile energy markets. With $4B spend under management, The Natural Gas Co. Energy motivates suppliers to aggressively bid on each client’s independent load and develop pricing and contract terms customized to your needs.
·   Regulated Rate Optimization – Trigger alerts on utility rate and tariff regulatory changes that yield savings through our national, strategic tariff and pricing intelligence for regulated markets.
·   Energy Information and Utility Bill Processing – Track energy and utility bill data and payment information through our web-based energy data processing system – Utility Tracking 
·   Utility Bill Audit and Refund Recovery – Uncover savings by identifying utility billing variances and exceptions to find over-billing that warrants refunds.
The Natural Gas Co. helps clients reduce energy usage by proactively identifying opportunities to improve operational efficiencies and investments.
·   Demand Metering and Analysis – Monitor and analyze energy consumption metrics that uncover opportunities to reduce costs across the company and sustain those cost reductions with ongoing monitoring and management. 
·   Energy Efficiency Incentives and Credits – Capture cash incentives for capital projects that deliver energy reductions via energy efficiency incentives and provide evidence of sustainability progress through energy efficiency certificates.
Energy Supply Procurement and Risk Management
Is your company positioned for energy deregulation? The deregulated market opens opportunities to significantly impact your underlying cost structure and mitigate the risks associated with rising energy costs. But without the right intelligence and knowledge of current market conditions, companies continue to make sub-optimal purchasing decisions. The Natural Gas Co. is immersed in the energy markets every day, managing over $4 billion of energy spend for our clients. We leverage this experience to help you proactively manage your energy costs in deregulated markets.
The Natural Gas Co.’s core team of deregulated energy procurement experts can help your organization reduce energy costs and mitigate risk in areas with electric choice and natural gas management. We work with you to create a strategic sourcing plan that allows us to negotiate terms and pricing structures that meet your objectives and align with your corporate risk tolerance. We monitor market conditions for attractive market opportunities that allow you to extend or renew existing contracts at optimal times.
We utilize a rigorous process that facilitates energy contract negotiation and establishes favorable terms and conditions. All contract and billing information resides within our proprietary Utility Tracking System (UTS), which is easily accessible to our clients to review rates, compliance metrics, and realized savings.
Benefits of Energy Procurement and Risk Management Services:
·   Proprietary market intelligence that evaluates the competitiveness of energy supply bids.
·   Monitoring of contract compliance to ensure pricing and other terms are applied appropriately.
·   Verification of realized savings versus planned targets.
Utility Tariff Analysis and Rate Optimization
It is a common misconception that regulated utility rates are non-negotiable or that there are no opportunities to drive savings in regulated energy markets. The fact is that’s wrong—a thorough analysis of your regulated utility usage and rates can yield substantial bottom-line benefit. Within regulated markets, there are many rate tariffs and options available based on usage thresholds; however, usage is dynamic and so is the rate environment.
The Natural Gas Co. Energy assists clients to develop a strategic energy plan to reduce utility costs in regulated utility markets. We identify savings initiatives for our clients through the use of utility rate data that has been compiled over twenty-five years of negotiations and established precedents. The Natural Gas Co. Energy leverages our proprietary Utility Tracking System (UTS) of utility rate schedules and our national rate tariff library to identify opportunities to change to lower rate tariff schedules per utility account.
The Natural Gas Co.’s utility rate expertise, when paired with our robust utility data processing system, offers clients national strategic pricing intelligence. Our proprietary national rate library helps you maintain a competitive advantage by staying informed of utility rate and tariff regulatory changes that work to your benefit. The Natural Gas Co. Energy conducts a thorough review by examining typical load parameters, usage, and current rates to identify alternative rates, incentives, or rebates that result in ongoing savings.
Benefits of Regulated Tariff Analysis Services:
·         Monitoring of real-time pricing trends ensures that the most favorable rates are being applied.
·         Analysis of current pattern of usage identifies opportunities to take advantage of better rates and demand response options.
·         Negotiation with utility companies allows you to take advantage of the most beneficial rates given your usage patterns.
·         Ongoing evaluation ensures that selected rates are appropriately applied and savings are realized.

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